Advantages of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is still important for businesses despite the benefits of online marketing.

The methods of the traditional route include print advertising, billboards, newspaper adverts, television commercials and radio spots.

Even though companies are using innovative online marketing tactics they have to cater for all types of consumers, including ones that may not have access to a smart device or computer. It may seem odd to us that some people don’t use devices or online services but it is indeed true.

The benefits of traditional marketing

There are many advantages including increased awareness of a brand, for example, when you are out and about there will be without doubt a trail of traditional advertising.

With billboards beaming call to action as well as window displays enticing us to approach their stores, it’s never-ending and maybe that’s a beneficial advantage. This form of marketing catches us when we are unaware and potentially this may result in a sporadic purchase.

Another factor to consider is the benefit of face-to-face contact. We all have experienced people trying to sell on our doorsteps, this human interaction could save us money if the product is something that we desire. For example, if you had a sales representative trying to sell you a cheaper television package, you wouldn’t need to ring them directly or purchase online. So, by considering the offer you could find yourself saving time.

Newspapers are another way that advertisers like to reach their audience by. It is called tangibility offers which refer to ads or products that readers come to contact with during their spare time.


Even with all the benefits of traditional marketing, there are negatives attached to this form of strategy. It can be very pricey for large and small businesses to purchase printed ads and television and radio advertising space.

Digital Marketing

There are many advantages when it comes to digital marketing. A recent report by Quora confirmed that “digital marketing increases conversion rates by 24%”. With real-time customer service and lower costs, many firms will always invest in online marketing.

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