Caudwell Children’s New Website is Here!

We are proud to announce that Netinspire has donated Caudwell Children’s Charity new website at

As part of our newly formed official digital partnership, Netinspire has donated this new and exciting website to this very dedicated children’s charity.

The charity’s founder, John Caudwell, donates all of the charities running costs meaning no overheads. So every penny of all donations goes directly to funding the charity’s activities for children.

The website has been a major development project, with numerous amount of time taken to ensure that is will deliver the charity, and its users an enhanced experience that benefits all.

The site was created with the end users in mind, we want to give every visitor an enjoyable journey whilst they visit. By providing information on guidance, news and events, they are keeping the visitors in the loop and involved in the charity.

We have worked extremely closely with Caudwell Children’s Charity staff every step of the way ensuring that the site will meet their digital communication needs for the foreseeable future.

netinspire with the caudwell children team

We hope that you enjoy your time on Caudwell Children’s new interactive website, and if you have any feedback why not pop over to Twitter and send us a tweet?

Do you look & feel of the website? We can offer you the same great service at a competitive price for website development, and digital creative marketing to enhance your online presence call Netinspire on 01782 524600, and quote Caudwell Children’s Creative.

With every referral from Caudwell Children’s Creative, Netinspire will make a substantial donation to Caudwell Children’s Charity.

So you can help a local charity where all the funds go directly to those that need it and help to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility;

  • Help your own business by gaining further digital exposure
  • Make your clients and customers aware of your charitable endeavours
  • and help children that deserve our support

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