Funded entertainer continues to delight children at Royal Stoke University Hospital

Funded entertainer continues to delight children at Royal Stoke University Hospital

Almost a year has passed since Netinspire began a monthly funding of a children’s entertainer to cheer up the kids at the cancer ward of the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Our friend and nurse with the hospital, Rebecca Boden, has given us an update, and we’re pleased to report that things are going really well.

Mrs Boden writes: “The sessions have been extremely beneficial, being entertaining and lightening the mood. We look for the best way to use the entertainer’s time each month, according to how the patients will benefit the most.”

Shows are put on by magician Ian Davis in the oncology play room, which has worked well particularly when things are busy, as he provides the patients a welcome distraction from treatments.

Ian also visits the oncology ward to cheer up patients who are too unwell to attend the show in the play room, either because they are undergoing chemotherapy or they have a serious infection.

Mrs Boden highlights a few occasions that have been especially memorable:

“On one occasion, a patient with limited speech and severely limited mobility, was at first reluctant to participate despite being obviously fascinated. Ian coaxed the young man to join in, and by the end was making him laugh with his magic. This is the first time I have seen him laugh in over a year.

Another teenager who can be withdrawn was watching one of Ian’s shows. Slowly the boy joined in, and was chatting with the other children by the end of the session.”

The team at Netinspire is happy that the funding is making a positive change, and will continue to fund the entertainer for the foreseeable future.

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