Google Ads Updates

Google ads updates
Are you an online business trying to keep up with the ever-changing Google Ads updates? It can be difficult to keep track of all the new tools Google Ads is consistently rolling out.

Google has stopped Expanded Text Ads

Advertisers have been manually crafting, testing, and optimizing Google PPC ads. In 2016, Google drastically increased the size of its text ads with Expanded Text Ads–and in 2018, these grew even larger. Recently Google has removed expanded text ads, meaning that you can longer create or edit them; you can still run the ads for the time being but for how long, we don’t know. It’s best to speak to a marketing professional and get some new ads set up; not only will these be better optimised to the recent changes, but they will also offer better cost per click.

Google is Pushing Smart Shopping and Local Ad Campaigns

Google’s Smart Shopping and Local Ad campaigns are excellent choices for small businesses looking to boost their ROI. Smart Shopping Ads use machine learning technology to target relevant shoppers on millions of websites and apps across the Google network.
These campaigns are cost-efficient and proven to be effective, with the potential to generate higher ROI from online ad campaigns. Also, local Ad campaigns are geared specifically towards local businesses, allowing them to target ads to shoppers searching for local products and services. With local campaigns, small businesses can reach customers in a highly relevant and cost-effective manner. Both Smart Shopping Ads and Local Ads offer small businesses the chance to maximize their ROI and reach more customers.

Increases in Google Ads cost per lead across all industries

There have been huge increases from 2021 lead costs to 2022; in some sectors such as arts and entertainment the cost per lead increased by 134%; the second biggest was travel, and the third was furniture. All is to be expected as a result of the pandemic.
Analysis of the data points to a decrease in conversion rates, which is reflected in an increase in cost per lead (CPL). This may be due to inflation-induced high prices along with ads for queries that feature low commercial intent. Additionally, other factors such as changes in the target audience or lack of personalization for ad campaigns may affect the CPL. Another possibility is that the original campaigns simply weren’t effective, and a different strategy needs to be investigated. Ultimately, it is important to carefully analyze the data and take into account all contributing factors before settling on a conclusion.


If you want to stay on top of all the Google Ads updates, the best way to stay informed is by keeping an eye on new features and updates to existing ones. There are also lots of great Google Ads resources online that can help you stay informed about the latest changes and updates. But as always, if you are too busy to do this, you can get in touch with Netinspire to help you run cost-effective Google Ads Campaigns that get results!

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