How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

AI Marketing

Effective digital marketing can change the fortunes of businesses in every industry across the globe. While billboards and television ads once dominated, today, businesses can’t survive without a considered digital marketing strategy that encompasses everything from search engine advertising to social media.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been quietly changing the ways in which brands and businesses communicate with their audiences; excitingly, there are even bigger and better AI-related developments to come.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is present within so many facets of our everyday lives. From smart devices and chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is a term that refers to intelligent machines that have the skills to complete tasks or activities that would otherwise require human involvement.

AI technology is still undergoing rapid evolution, however, the positive impact of this powerful technology is already being seen and felt across the world. In the business landscape, AI technology has helped to automate laborious and repetitive tasks and give teams more time to invest in tasks and projects that require their unique skill sets.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing has already been helping businesses to manage marketing campaigns, develop robust strategies, and boost return on investment (ROI), and is helping businesses to take the guesswork out of their approach to digital by predicting purchasing behaviours, identifying ways to enhance user experience (UX), and evaluating large quantities of data accurately and efficiently. This allows for more profound insights to be extracted from data sets, which ensures that decision-makers are equipped with the facts they need to steer a business in the right direction.

Some great examples of up-and-coming AI Marketing tools include ChatGPT which can be used to generate text, translate other languages, summarise large text documents and detect an article’s overall tone. It is still in a developmental phase and doesn’t have access to the world wide web, but this could be one to watch out for in 2023.

What is the future of AI in Digital Marketing?

Virtually every sector on a global level can be transformed by the power of AI. Many brands have already incorporated AI into their communications strategies by launching online chatbots that can provide basic customer service, and brands are using it to develop their email strategies on a personal level. You don’t need a degree to understand AI – you need problems to solve in your business and to understand how AI can create opportunity by reducing time, lowering costs, and even improving security.

– Customer services

Moving forwards, AI in digital marketing is primed to become even more personalised, with the ability to provide individualised recommendations and deliver even more comprehensive customer support, for example, prioritising support tickets and requests.

This enhanced approach to customer support will allow brands to nurture key relationships, which has the potential to enhance conversion rates and other key performance metrics, including engagement and revenue. One model already proliferated is the “chatbot”, you have probably already encountered a chatbot, even if you didn’t realise it was Ai at the time.

– Customer Communications with a “Chat Bot”

Businesses often don’t have the time or resources to devote to customer service and sales teams. However, with the help of AI-powered chatbots, businesses can provide customers with the same level of service as larger companies. With a chatbot, customers can ask questions and receive answers in real time, spending less time on customer support and more time on core tasks.

Chatbots also enable businesses to automate sales processes such as lead qualification, product recommendations, and order processing. This automation helps reduce costs and streamline processes, allowing businesses to focus their time and resources on other tasks. Ultimately, chatbots provide small businesses with the same customer service and sales capabilities as larger companies without the need for a dedicated team.

– Starting with AI

Using AI to solve problems is a great way to improve efficiency and reduce costs. For example, in the case of an e-commerce site, AI can be used to automate the returns and customer service process. Or on a busy services social media platform AI can be used to manage a large number of posts and comments.

Here at Netinspire, we understand the potential of chatbots and AI to revolutionise the way businesses operate. Whether you’re looking to create a chatbot for customer service, automate a process, or use AI to boost efficiency and productivity, our team can help. We offer a free, no-obligation chat to discuss your automation plans for 2023.

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