How SMEs Can Increase Their Local Visibility On Google

Google search results are becoming increasingly localised, as it strives to provide the most relevant results for searchers based on their location.  Because of this, local SEO has become essential for local businesses who want to appear in local Google search results.

Local SEO for Google visibilityWhat is local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimisation of your web presence to improve your visibility on Google.  Basically it helps your business be seen in local searches!

The rapid increase in mobile phone usage has led to the significant growth of local SEO.  Although it is similar to organic SEO, they are actually very different.  Local SEO focuses on delivering results that are relevant to the searcher’s location at the time, enabling local businesses to be found locally.  For example, if we search for ‘web design’, Google provides results that are near to us (Netinspire are in Stoke-on-Trent, by the way).

Why would you need local SEO?

The most obvious answer is visibility.  If your business isn’t showing up when someone searches for a product or service that you offer, you’re missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers daily.

Local SEO helps you increase your brand awareness amongst local audiences.  If you’re a local business, chances are your competitors include chain retailers with large marketing budgets, enabling them to enjoy high brand awareness and recall.  Local SEO is an economical choice compared to other forms of marketing, making it effective both in terms of costs and keeping up with such competitors.

Another big reason why businesses need local SEO is the steady growth of online shopping and smartphone usage, as well as improved connectivity when mobile users are on the go.  As such, it is crucial for brands to have a strong search engine presence with clear calls to action, which will encourage calls to your business.

Who needs local SEO?

Any business with a physical storefront or service location can benefit from local SEO.  This includes everyone from accountants to Zumba instructors!

How can you get help with local SEO?

Local SEO is most effective when it is part of an integrated marketing plan.  Digital agencies like Netinspire offer a full spectrum of marketing services that can amplify your web presence, such as blogging, social media and web management.  After all, maintaining a strong web presence is key to converting visitors into customers – the stronger your presence, the more credible and persuasive your business becomes.

How much would this cost?

Netinspire offers local SEO services at affordable prices – a £250 set-up fee and a small monthly fee of just £50.  For more information about our services, take a look at our marketing services or call us on 01782 524600.

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