How to get more newsletter sign ups

Increasing your newsletter sign-ups is not always easy, so we are here with some tips to help you gain more subscribers to your newsletters.

1. Run a competitions or giveaway

Attracting new customers through competitions or giveaways is a great way to get people interested in your business. Sending a friendly reminder weekly via social media about the giveaway is a great way to keep promoting your brand while increasing your sign up list. A competition provides incentive and shows that your brand can give something back to its customers.

2. Choose the correct vocabulary

Keywords or phrases are integral to engage any customer. Using powerful terms to boost your chances of earning sign-ups can be a great factor to focus on. For example, When you use the word ”FREE” it is automatically quite intriguing, the word itself creates the perception that there is something to gain and nothing to lose. These offers create a sense of urgency and something you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Share through social media

Uploading content about your newsletter signs-up across social media platforms will give you a bigger opportunity that you may receive more sign-ups. Not only does it give you an online presence on social media but, it will build your brand awareness while getting more engagement to your newsletters. You want to spread the awareness of the benefits of your newsletters so, give your audience value for their time. This doesn’t mean sharing once and stopping because it didn’t reach any engagement the first time, the more times you share this type of content, potential customers become familiar with your business over time and building this familiarity is what earns trust.

4.Give your customers what they want

You don’t want people to lose interest. You want your newsletters to be useful and helpful for those signed up. Not every newsletter will appeal to your customers so offering the best option to pick specific newsletters they want to view. For example,

  • Access to all newsletters weekly/monthly
  • Limit to newsletters to once a week
  • Send offers and product/service updates
  • Be careful not to bombard your customers
  • Make sure each email has a specific topic and purpose
  • Create a clear call to action in your email

5.Don’t forget pop-ups! 

Grab your customers attention at any opportunity you can. Not only can popups make viewers aware of the newsletters subscription but it helps to include an incentive for signing up, such as a 10% off discount for their next order. When creating a pop up using the right imagery that appeals to your audience with text that is quick and easy to read as well as making sure that fits with your website,  you want the pop up to feel a part of the page and the anaesthetics and not spam.

6.Provide exclusive information to your subscription list

Another way to generate more newsletters sign-ups is by giving the sign-up list exclusive access to top information. These may be tips about your industry, giving discount codes or offers and even useful resources to help them with specific challenges. By providing only subscribers with unique information this will encourage others to sign up and be part of the exclusive group.

7.Share a sneak peek

Customers may be hesitant on whether to sign up for your newsletters as it could be pointless information or they could be unsure of what they subscribing to. This is where you step in showing your viewers a small insight into the resources that you can offer. Doing this is a promising way to get more sign-ups. For example, if you share a post on ”8 ways to improve your product pages” this would drive traffic to seek more information as the view has been persuaded to want additional quality content, this would then be the perfect opportunity to add a newsletter signup form. Then they could get this information sent straight to their inbox each time a new article is released.

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