How to Identify Worthwhile Keywords

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Keyword research is claimed to be one of the most critical and essential factors in website ranking, marketing and SEO, amongst others.

When looking at keywords you will find terms and phrases that you can use for your potential target market. It will also give you a good insight into how your potential customers are searching for your products & services.

You may think that getting increased traffic is all you need when doing keyword research, but it’s about receiving the right kind of traffic.

So, by using your findings from keyword research, you’ll be able to produce content that web searchers are actively seeking, as well as updating your SEO to fit the needs of your users.

By searching for terms/phrases related to your business, you’ll have a better understanding of your competition. For example, if you look at the top 5 competitors in the SERPs, you can analyse their content & Meta tags. This will give you fresh ideas for your website’s content, SEO & PPC campaigns.

There are plenty of free keyword tools out there for you to use. Most of them are easy to use and will give you a good starting point when starting your research project.
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Free Keyword Resources

There are many free keyword research tools out there for you to use. The main ones will allow you to analyse your keywords monthly performance, as well as writing content and meta tags accordingly for your SEO.

We recommend the following resources:

•    Moz keyword Explorer (
•    Keyword Tool (

Moz has a custom-built keyword explorer tool which streamlines & gives you other keywords to explore.

Keyword Tool is a free alternative tool, that gives you a list of variations with your chosen keyword.

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