How to write great blog content for your businesses

Blogs are a great way to promote your business and an effective way to increase your website traffic, build your reputation and generate more leads. Many business owners are not aware of blog and article writing benefits and how this can positively impact brand awareness, website traffic, audience engagement, and more. Read on to find out more about how to create great blog content.

Know your audience

When it comes to creating blog material, knowing your target audience is crucial. Understanding your customers will help you identify the type of content you should write. This means researching what content will be of interest and will have a positive impact on your customers. Not only do you need to pick the topic for the content but style and tone of voice are vital.

Plan in advance 

Planning is a great way to stay productive when creating blogs or articles. Managing your content ideas content weekly/monthly in a calendar gives you easy access to amend and consolidate your plans. Scheduling and planning ahead means that you will never run out of ideas and helps to keep you in control of your agenda,  you can then produce high-quality content.

If you are unsure of what content to write we have some ideas for you to think about:

  • Frequently asked questions that your customers want to know
  • Focus on current trends
  • Share business/news updates
  • Create case study
  • Team/staff  information, for example, new team members
  • Industry topics

Add Images

Visuals are a fantastic addition to any blog. Adding images can drive readers attention up and it is a very simple engagement technique. An image on your blog can aid the point you’re trying to get across to your audience, help them understand the topic and help them to visualise it more. You don’t just have to use images as different infographics and videos work perfectly too!

Frequency is key

Uploading blogs frequently is very important. Sharing content regularly will help you generate more traffic, gain more visibility, let you build on your rankings and supercharge your website’s SEO. Creating new blogs for your website regularly tells search engines that your website is active and focusing on the correct keywords will definitely help as well.

Deciding the best for you to upload and how often is completely your decision. You want to be able to maintain it so make sure it’s right for you. Show other people how it’s done!

Make it your style

You want your blog to feel part of your page and not out of place. This means getting your blog to reflect your business so that you are presenting what your company is all about and proud to share, this may mean giving your blogs some personality to attract and interest your viewers. Your style is key to keep your brand identity recognisable to stand out from your competitors so showcasing your blog at high quality is prime when building credibility readership.

Don’t forget word count

A top tip to remember when creating blog content is your word count. Online readers don’t always have much time or a short attention span, therefore is less likely to read long blogs so keeping it short and simple is important. A good aim is 500- 700 words while still creating high-quality content for your audience to read.

Always Measure

Measuring your website performance is a very important factor in blogging. Measuring your blogs will help you identify which posts are more successful and which attracts more visitors. which will help you see what is attracting your audience which you may want to focus on more.

Google Analytics is one way to measure your blogs. It will allow you to see page views so that you can see how many times your blogs posts have been viewed. You will also be able to measure the average time on the page that your visitors spend reading your blog besides seeing your conversion rate so that you see any further actions taken place. This could be signing up for your contact form or newsletters, fill out a form or even purchase completed. All these insights to your blog help you to identify your blog content and your viewer’s behaviour so that you can improve and develop to create fantastic content.

Creating blog content isn’t always easy however when taking the rights steps to build on your skills will soon pay off and will give you the blog content you have always wanted. Take a look at our Netinspire blog page for inspiration for your business and start creating amazing blogs for your business!

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