Link Building: Which Links Have More Value?

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Whilst quality over quantity is beneficial when starting a link building campaign, it’s also important to compare the relevance and authority of the links. Link building success helps in increasing the website page authority which adds to the SEO value. 

When it comes down to gaining trust and valuable links with search engines it may be worth comparing if authority ones are more beneficial than relevant backlinks. 

The Value of a Relevant Link

Qualified referral traffic is an important bonus when it comes down to relevant links. The relevancy of the links is also fruitful as they have the ability to drive targeted audiences to the website. The relevance of authority links has always had a diverse range of opinions, but say if your website had 10 authority links with less relevance, than relevant links would be more beneficial, for example.

Julie Joyce, Link Fish Media, commented: “I’d rather have a more relevant link with low authority. I’d hope that was better for traffic, but I’d not really expect it to have the same effect on rankings as a higher authority link with lower relevance. I certainly wouldn’t want a high authority link with zero relevance of course, but I like to think that someone’s actually going to click on the links that I build.”

Authority Links –  The Benefits

Everyone loves a high authority backlink but are they worth it if they are irrelevant. It could be that high-authority backlinks could be discounted by Google if there isn’t any relevance to the website.

Nicole DeLeon, from the North Star Inbound, said: “I would prefer a relevant link with less authority than higher authority link with low relevance. It’s very difficult to accurately measure authority. While Moz and Majestic do a great job in helping to evaluate relative authority, no one really knows how Google evaluates it. But one thing is pretty clear from our clients’ results: the more relevant the links, the more they push up rankings and traffic. I can’t say I’ve noticed the same kind of push from a handful of high Domain Authority placements.”


Even though some say having more relevant links are an imperative page authority factor having a balanced mixture of both type of links would be the best practice.

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