LinkedIn Releases Three New Targeting Tools

LinkedIn launches new targeting tools

This month the professional business networking platform, LinkedIn, have released their new advertising product, Matched Audiences. The new Matched Audiences incorporates enhanced targeting capabilities which allow businesses to be able to combine their own first party data with LinkedIn’s professional data. With the three targeting tools, there is immense ability to capture an audience that is relevant and beneficial to your business.

Website Retargeting

If a potential client has expressed an interest in visiting your website, retargeting these visitors will help nurture active campaigns. This tool allows you to keep your brand/message in front of an audience that has already visited the website.

Account Targeting

Account targeting allows businesses to upload a list of company names via a CSV file which will then be matched against company pages via LinkedIn. This is a unique way to reach key decision makers within your targeted accounts.

Contact Targeting

With contact targeting, you can upload a list of email addresses on a CSV file. This option allows you to engage with contacts and prospects on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is continually enhancing their marketing solutions to provide targeted marketing to reach the right audience for businesses. Read more about Matched Audiences and see how it could help your business.

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