Marketing Lessons from Game of Thrones

With the world’s most anticipated series back on TV, we’ve all got Ice and Fire on the brain.  The Netinspire team has been spewing our favourite Game of Thrones quotes, which has led us to an epiphany – these literary nuggets work just as well in marketing for business.  Even if you’re not a fan, you can still learn a thing or two from the characters of Westeros.

a mind needs books tyrion

Everyone’s favourite underdog, Tyrion, understands that knowledge is power.  What he lacks in stature and strength, he makes up for in personality and wit.  If your brand isn’t the market leader, that’s all the more reason to arm yourself with information – on your customers, your competitors, your industry, everything.

never forget what you are tyrion

Tyrion takes us back to Marketing 101 by reminding us the importance of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Only then can you protect your business from others fighting for the thro – er, brand supremacy.

can man be brave if afraid stark

This memorable exchange between father and son applies to business.  It’s natural to fear the unknown, be it a new venture or campaign.  But don’t let fear prevent you from taking necessary steps to move forward.  Take risks; just make sure they’re calculated risks.

old wounds never heal bleed again

Die-hard fans of the books will recognise this reference to Ned Stark’s distrust of Tywin Lannister following a series of horrific incidents.  How does this apply in a business setting?  Well, angry customers can come back to haunt you.  People tend to have strong opinions about a brand when their experience is either great or rubbish.  Just as a happy customer will sing your praises, disgruntled ones are likely to spread the word of their negative experience and hold a grudge against you till the issue is rectified.  And we all know how easy it is to poopoo a brand online.  So, keep customers happy, and consider how you can use online channels like social media to help improve your customer service.

every flight begins with fall

Although this quote refers to a terrible accident (and in Game of Thrones, pretty much anything can happen to anyone), it is rather inspiring.  It teaches us to embrace challenges and even failure, as long as we bounce back and learn from what went wrong.

things we love destroy us

This gem of wisdom given to Jon Snow rings true both in fantasy fiction and real life, and reminds us of another piece of advice given to writers, “Kill your darlings”.  Sometimes we become too attached to ideas or habits that may not work as well as we’d like.  It’s important that we learn to differentiate between self-indulgence and effectiveness, and work towards the greater good.

winter coming

We saved the most famous line for last.  The oft-quoted Stark House motto is a reminder for companies to always be vigilant and prepared.  Even if the business is going well, stay alert to upcoming challenges and be ready with a backup plan.


Can you think of other Game of Thrones quotes that apply to marketing?

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