Mobilegeddon: Our preliminary results from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Netinspire mobilegeddon Google results

Two weeks on from Google’s Mobile-Friendly update, we take a look at how the change has affected the ranking performance of our clients’ websites.  Before we look at the data, we should mention that all websites built by Netinspire are mobile-friendly.

Based on the data we’ve collected, results show that the ranking algorithm has definitely changed and is enabling responsive websites to rank higher than sites that do not provide a good user experience on mobile devices.

Google Mobile Friendly update

The graph above shows web rankings for a client – let’s call them client A – on Google.  Following the Mobile-Friendly update on April 21st, Client A’s ranking jumped from #11 on page 2 to #4 on page 1.  We also noticed other websites that had previously ranked higher and were not mobile responsive, have now been relegated to lower ranks.

Google Mobile Friendly update

The image above shows how another client’s website ranking on Google has improved for different search terms.

Although it’s early days, it’s clear to us that the update has had a positive impact on our clients’ website rankings.  We can attribute this improvement to the mobile-friendliness of the websites.  Of course this is more than likely also bolstered by various factors, including our efforts in SEO, content marketing and social media.

It’s no surprise that Google is penalising websites that aren’t giving searchers a good mobile experience.  Ofcom reports that more than half of people in the UK use their mobile phones to access the Internet.  With the rise in mobile users, ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking factor is unlikely to go away anytime soon, which is why it’s best to upgrade your website to a responsive one if you haven’t already.

For more information about responsive websites or how we can help make improvements to your site, call us on 01782 524600.

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