Netinspire Launches Bourne Boat Builders Website

Bourne Boats Staffordshire

Break open the bubbly, it’s not every day that we get to help one of the oldest branches of engineering into the modern age!  Netinspire has recently revamped the Bourne Boat Builders website to bring the business up to speed with what customers want and expect from an online experience.

The new website is now responsive to accommodate various devices, as many of their site visitors are mobile users.  What this means is that customers will be able to view the website properly and as intended, across multiple gadgets, whether on desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets.

Moreover, the website now better showcases information about the Bourne family business and their long history of boatbuilding.  There are also customer testimonials to instil trust and confidence in potential customers.

Whilst this is one of the family businesses we’ve worked with, we’ve also provided digital services for various types of companies.  Does your website need a facelift and new content?  Or are you considering marketing on social media?  Call us on 01782 524600 to see what Netinspire can do for your business.

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