Pinterest Ramps Up Its Visual Search

Pinterest, the creative social platform, is now bringing its visual search technology to the web. With the new integration, the social media platform has updated their Chrome extension, giving users the ability to hover on any image online and find other related products. This is a pretty good feature which enhances the user’s experience by giving them options to see more ideas.

How does it work?

You may be wondering how does it work. For example, if you have the extension and start browsing new bedroom furniture, you’ll be able to try the Pinterest search button when looking at a product. All you do is hover over the chosen image and click the magnifying glass symbol and the extension will give you relevant images directly on the screen, easy!

The implemented visual search has the ability to distinguish similar products, patterns and even colours within the image, resulting in alternative products in real time.

When you see the results from the Pinterest visual search, they are only on Pinterest, unlike Google’s reverse image search which crawls the whole web. If you click on a relevant image from the visual search you’ll be taken back to Pinterest.

Pinterest is thinking about you…

By implementing the visual search extension creates a more speedy process when looking at products via websites, resulting in a more speedy process when discovering new ideas and products.

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