Reasons to Invest in a Branded Mobile App

An effective mobile strategy should include more than a mobile-friendly website.  Mobile apps, which were once thought of as a luxury, are now a must-have for brands to keep up with consumers and the competition.

Depending on your requirements, a mobile app can serve a multitude of functions, from providing information to announcing promotions, and more complicated uses, such as search features and booking systems.

Advantages of a branded mobile app for your business

Mobile apps as a direct marketing channel

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Perhaps the most obvious benefit is having a direct marketing channel to reach customers.  According to Deloitte’s UK Mobile Consumer survey, 76% of British adults now own a smartphone, which means that if they had your app installed, they are able to receive your communications at any time.  Mobile apps can also send push notifications, reminding customers of your products, services and promotions.

Increase brand exposure and recognition

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Deloitte reports that collectively, Brits check their smartphones more than a billion times a day.  Most use their smartphones whenever they can: 66% on public transport, 60% at work, and nearly 50% while meeting friends.

With a bespoke app, consumers would be exposed to your brand several times a day, even if the application isn’t launched, which helps build brand recognition.

Improve customer engagement

Every company could benefit from having a channel where customers can reach them, whether you sell china figurines or provide bulk packaging.  Setting up a messaging feature within your application can vastly improve the way you communicate with customers.

Grow customer loyalty

Consumers are frequently bombarded with sales messages through multiple channels.  The beauty of mobile applications is the direct communication that can be established with customers.  Over time, building and maintaining a close connection with your customers can convert them into loyal fans.

Stand out from the competition

Although there has been an increase in the last few years, many businesses are still slow to adopt mobile apps.  It’s important to invest in one now to stay ahead of your competitors.

But aren’t mobile apps expensive?

Bespoke apps from £995

Contrary to popular belief, branded mobile apps don’t have to cost a fortune.  Netinspire builds bespoke iPhone and Android mobile apps from just £995.

Would you consider a mobile app for your business? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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