Social media advertising enhances brand visibility

Being found is the easy part.

Being remembered is the key.

Social media advertising is simply paid content on various social media platforms. There are many opportunities to increase followers via targeted ad campaigns. The potential to build a companies brand following and recognition are endless on social media. 

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Facebook advertising

Facebook gives its users several different ad formats to choose from. The standard ad, with headline and description, enables a business to create a campaign to gain more likes, promote an offer, increase traffic to the website and so on. It’s a great way to see instant results.

LinkedIn advertising

The Self-serve Ads on LinkedIn include sponsored content which appears in the user’s news stream and text/display ads where you can choose the audience that you want to distribute your content to. Both of these options allow you to send visitors to your website.

Twitter advertising

The advert options available on Twitter are promoted tweets, a promoted account and promoted trends. There are many different objectives that an ad campaign can be categorised by.

We can help with your social media campaign

Before starting a client’s campaign, we diligently research the desired target market to receive the results that matter for the business. Social media is a great way to push out creative business marketing campaigns. With instant insights, our social media service will deliver feedback as soon as a campaign is live. We monitor each social media advert on a daily basis and if you require a quick amendment we can do this for you.

Let us help your business target, engage and monitor followers via our social media advertising service. Would you like more information? Contact Netinspire.

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