Building customer relationships is key to business success.

Social media provides more ways to achieve this.

Social media influences how consumers make purchase decisions. People seek content on social networks, and develop their own circle of connections, on which they depend for information and recommendations. To earn their trust and ultimately, achieve sales, businesses must prove they can deliver value to the consumer.

When utilised as part of an integrated marketing strategy, social media can help B2C and B2B companies to achieve a wide range of objectives.




We believe your business and brand objectives should form the cornerstone of every marketing plan.

Below are examples of how brands can leverage social media at various stages of the customer lifecycle.


Social media is useful for introducing a brand or deepening awareness of products and services. The plethora of networks available can be powerful tools for connecting audiences to your website, such as through blogs [link jumps to Blogging section below] that allow companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.


By engaging with online communities, we help businesses build relationships and convert audiences to advocates. Monitoring conversations provides insights into the reputation of your brand, competitors, and the industry, giving you opportunities to delight and win over customers.


Research shows that it costs between five and 25 times more to acquire a customer than to retain one. The real-time nature of social media has made it a popular customer care option. Companies must seize this opportunity to highlight their competitive edge through value-added service.


Happy customers can be your best salespeople. Word-of-mouth is still the most trusted form of marketing, and advocates promote your brand for free. To reach this holy grail, customers must consistently be given reasons to choose your brand over your competitors.

Take a proactive approach to winning customers

Unlike traditional channels, social media involves two-way communication, providing opportunities for proactive engagement. Successful brands have adapted their marketing communications model to effectively connect with audiences through owned media (brand-controlled content), paid media (advertising), and earned media (brand content controlled externally).

As social media evolves, our clients rely on us to identify the right channels for their business. Our content creators are experienced at crafting compelling messages, and optimising them across networks, from Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogging is an excellent way to share useful and relevant content to consumers, which can position your company as a thought leader in the industry and improve your search engine rankings. When supported with marketing activity on social networks, it can increase your website traffic and generate leads.

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