Websites – Why and how to keep them up to date

Websites that consistently deliver a solid return on investment (ROI) are the product of significant work from both your team and your chosen development partners. Successful design projects need to progress through several distinct stages, each of which takes time, resources and energy to complete properly. So, after weeks of design work, content creation and image sourcing amongst other things, it can be tempting to think ‘well, I’m glad that’s finally completed!’

But the reality is that this is just the start. If you want to maximise performance and provide the best possible experience for every user, your most valuable digital asset is going to need to be consistently updated to continue generating tangible results for your business. There are many facets to a strong website optimisation strategy and although the process might seem overwhelming, there are several core areas that will drive strong results if they are given the attention they require.

Refresh your Websites Content

Consistently refreshing your on-site content drives myriad benefits. Firstly, demonstrating to search engines that your site contains valuable, up-to-date information that your audience is actually interested in engaging with will help you to secure more prominent ranking positions in key search engine results pages (SERPs). Secondly, updating your website with new product releases and news is an excellent way to demonstrate to your audience that you are a busy and trustworthy business that is keen to meet the expectations and needs of your customers.

Safe and Secure

You need to know that your website can keep the personal data of your customers safe and protected. If data is stolen from your business, it will have a significant impact on the way customers view your brand, and there might even be legal repercussions that you will need to answer. Every time a new security issue comes to light, recommended security enhancements should be implemented immediately to safeguard your customers and protect your brand.

Outperform your Competitors

Marketplaces are only becoming more competitive, which means that you will need to do everything possible to establish your brand as the leading figure within your niche. As your competitors make improvements to their own websites, there are a variety of things you can do to remain one step ahead. From implementing design changes to refine your user experience (UX) to tracking your analytics and making strategic adjustments to generate even more beneficial results, often even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

Optimising to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Refreshing your website frequently provides your marketing team with the opportunity to drive traffic, increase leads and boost sales. Whether you’re running a competition or have an upcoming product release you want to promote, ensuring your marketing team have the tools to place this information in a prominent position on your website should see engagement and sales increase markedly.

Optimising for Search Engines

Implementing and refining your approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you to consistently rank well in key SERPs, even as search engines adjust their algorithms. From ensuring your site is mobile friendly to ensure that your copy contains target keywords and that your titles are shaped to help your pages to rank highly, scoring well for SEO will help you to increase your reach, boost brand awareness, and drive additional leads and sales.

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