What’s New On Social Media February 2023

whats new on social media february 2023
As the world of social media continues to evolve, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. This month, we are taking a look at what’s new in the world of social media to date. From the latest app updates to the newest features, we’ll explore what’s going on and provide helpful links so that you can delve deeper. So let’s get started and explore what’s new in the world of social media!


Paid verification – Facebook seems to be following in the footsteps of Twitter with a paid verification badge; this is currently being trialled in Australia and New Zealand. There are some additional features, such as identity protection, live chat support and increased reach. Read more about this HERE

Creator Studio to Business Suite – Facebook are changing the way we schedule content on social media; everything will soon be manageable from the Meta Business Suite; you’ll still be able to create and schedule content from here as well as monitor stats and manage ads.

Facebook Stars – Facebook stars are a new way to reward your favourite social media content creators and brands. It will cost $1 for 75 stars, and Meta will pay the creator $0.01 per star awarded by fans. This comes as a new way for creators to make revenue from the content they create. This will also be available across reels and Instagram.


Broadcast messages – A new feature that is coming to Instagram is broadcast messages; this means that businesses and creators will be able to send a broadcast direct message to all of their followers at one time. Followers will be able to react to the messages but not send replies.  This will also be eventually rolled out on Facebook.

In-App Post scheduling – We have been able to schedule content through the creator studio for some time now, and so Instagram has taken the next step in allowing users to schedule content directly on the app. This will allow you to make the most out of the mobile features on the social media platform and save time creating posts.

Instagram Map Search – The new Map Search feature on Instagram is making it easier for local users to find local businesses; be sure to add your location to your posts to maximise reach and help new users in your area find your business. Encourage your customers to tag your account and location when visiting you for maximum impact.


New B2B KPI sheet –  LinkedIn has launched a new guide to KPIs to help businesses more effectively identify measurable goals to propel their business forward. Read more HERE

Visual Display – Keep an eye out for some new visual display elements coming to Linkedin, allowing users to have a bit more creativity when it comes to making your posts and profile more visually appealing.

Clickable links on images – Linkedin has released a fairly new feature to be able to add clickable links in images; this is a great step forward and will allow creators to utilise links in a new way.


If you missed Twitter Blue here’s some info! – Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that offers a variety of features designed to enhance your Twitter experience. With a Twitter Blue subscription, you will get a blue checkmark next to your username, which serves as a badge of verification and prestige. You will also get early access to select features and new products before they’re released to the public. Some of these features include Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Custom App Icons, NFT Profile Pictures, and Themes. It is available in certain countries starting at $8/month or $84/year. If you have a big following and you’re looking for an upgraded Twitter experience, Twitter Blue may be worth considering.

Trending hashtags & topics – Hashtags aren’t going away, and the best way to find relevant hashtags is to look at what other people are using. Popular hashtags are usually easy to spot, as they often have thousands of uses. You can also use Twitter’s search function to find hashtags related to topics you’re interested in. Just type in the keyword and see what comes up. Alternatively, search for “trending twitter hashtags” on Google and use a website.


TikTok’s secret “go viral” button – A recent Forbes investigation has revealed that staff at the social media platform TikTok and ByteDance can select individual videos for broader distribution on the platform. This practice, known as “heating,” can be used to give specific videos preferential treatment and increase their chances of going viral. While this might seem unfair to creators who don’t have access to this kind of insider knowledge, it does provide an insight into what makes a successful TikTok video.

TikTok launches TikTok Now, and it’s very much like BeReal! – TikTok is introducing a new feature called TikTok Now, which works just like BeReal and allows users to capture and share their daily moments with their friends. Safety and privacy are a top priority, with options to block users, choose which comments appear, and report any behaviour that may violate the Community Guidelines. Users under the age of 16 have their accounts set to private by default, those aged 13-18 can only share with friends, and those 18+ have additional sharing options with the default setting being “Friends can view”.

TikTok Privacy Saga Continues – TikTok is facing a potential ban in the United States, which would prevent ByteDance, its Chinese parent company, from doing business in the country and would make it much harder for users to access the app. This ban could be imposed by the US government or Apple and Google, and its purpose is to address the potential national security threat posed by the app’s ties to China.

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