Why you should create blog content regularly?

When was the last time you added new blog content to your website? Regularly sharing new blog content is one of the most important aspects of marketing, take a look at some tips on why you should add new blog content more often.

1. Increase your website traffic

Driving traffic to your website is the first step in generating more customers, adding new content gives the potential customer a reason to visit your website without shoving sales down their throats. When advertising your services or products online keep in mind things that your customer want to know about. Blog posts offer great content to share across your social media platforms, where you can create backlinks to your website and will help with SEO.  Don’t forget that doing this will help you to gain the edge over competitors who aren’t adding new blog content on a regular basis.

2. Reach New Customers

Blogging is a fantastic way to help your business to stand out from competitors and reach new customers that may have been unreachable in the past, therefore, sharing content that expands to your whole audience will allow you to engage with more people. This could be content to inform your customers about your company, industry, or showcasing new products or services that will attract new or existing customers. High-quality content with a good SEO score will be very valuable to your business in the long run.

3.Promote Your Blog Content

Don’t forget to share your blogs on social media. Not only does this ensure your audience are aware of the new content it can attract new customers, but it also increases engagement to your blogs which can lead to more visits and interests in your business. Don’t forget that you can share the link to your blog in groups, forums and through your email marketing to increase exposure.

At Netinspire, we offer social media management and content creation to many of our clients, keeping their pages up to date with regular interesting content to keep their audience engaged, you can find out more about our service here: https://netinspire.co.uk/social-media-blogging/

4. Dazzle your audience

Establishing when and how often you want to share new blog content but, knowing what to share is vital. Firstly, do some keyword research this is important to improve the quality and rankings for SEO purposes. What do your customers would want to know? Think back to questions you have been asked in the past, is there a question you get asked a lot, that you could explain in more detail?

Share your unique selling point, the very reason your customers buy your products or services and don’t forget to include why your products are the best. Earn the trust of your audience by sharing customer reviews, testimonials, business facts and accreditations will help your customers feel good about their decision to buy from.

Did you know that a 10% increase in a company’s customer satisfaction leads to a 12% increase in customer trust according to zoominfo.com.

5. Always schedule

Scheduling your monthly content will allow you to focus and plan ahead with ease, you can focus on the key information you want to share. Make time every month to plan, research, write and edit your content, setting aside one day or two half-days at the beginning or end of each month to create your blog content will be beneficial for your business. And if you don’t have the time then our team can help you out, we have a number of clients for who we provide blogs in a range of sectors including, home improvements, recruitment, travel/holidays and more!

If you are interested in learning more about content blogging and automation, get in touch for a free no-obligation chat. Call us on 01782 54600 or fill in our contact form –https://netinspire.co.uk/contact/

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