5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Google Search Results

Here it is, our top 5 tips to help your business get noticed by ranking higher in the king of search engine’s result’s pages (SERPs).

Title Tag or Title Element

The title tag provides a brief summary of what people can expect from the page. It displays in a few important places, including the browser’s title bar, and as the title for your listing in search engine results. If you target a specific audience, consider including that in the title, like “Experienced motorcycle accident and injury attorneys in Arizona.” It helps if each page in your site contains a unique title, but keep it concise — less than 65 characters.

Description Tag

The description tag displays below your website’s link in search results and should entice people to visit your site. Every page in your site should include a unique description using the keywords for that page. Keep your descriptions less than 250 characters and avoid non-alphanumeric characters.

Header Tag (H1 Tag)

Each page in your site should include only one header tag. While it doesn’t display in search results, it’s generally the largest or most prominent text on the page. The header tells visitors what they’re reading or viewing. Keep it brief — no longer than a short sentence.

Page Content

Your website’s content, the text that your visitors read, is important for search engines as well. Use between 300 and 700 words, including the keywords you selected, and bold each of the keywords once on the page. And always make sure everything on your site is original material.


A sitemap is essentially a map or directory of all the pages in your website. Sitemaps guide search engines throughout your site with the names and locations of pages. They can speed up indexing and, in some cases, increase site traffic by indexing previously buried pages.

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