8 ways to improve your product pages.

When was the last time you analysed your eCommerce product pages? At Netinspire, we have some great advice to help you enhance the effectiveness of your product pages so that your business isn’t dropping potential sales and keeping up with factors to make your e-commerce store a success.

Analysing and identifying your online strengths and weakness can help you see the growth of your business. There has never been a better time to sell your goods and services online. With the global impact of COVID-19 changing the way we all go about our day why not try and find the positive and create the opportunity to focus on your business’ website!

This in mind we’ve listed ways to instantly improve your product pages.
  1. Make sure your website is mobile optimised
  2. Ensure that your business can be found from Google and Search Engines
  3. Build your product information with keyword optimised copy
  4. Create and use clear call to actions
  5. Ensure the appropriate use of visual cues
  6. Establish clear guidance on returns and refunds process
  7. Utilise the opportunities of stock management and automation
  8. Be present and give your customers ways to contact you!

Is your website mobile optimised?

More than 50% of website traffic is now generated from mobile visitors, therefore making your website more accessible and mobile user friendly will help increase to increase your website traffic, as well as sales. Did you know that UK consumers are more likely to make a purchase using their mobile phones? This is why mobile optimisation should be considered as the key to improving your product pages!

Our advice: Focus as much on your mobile website experience as you do on desktop and you are sure to see an increase in time spent on your website, reduced bounce rate and even more sales!

Google awareness

Driving traffic to your website is a key area that a lot of business owners’ underestimate. Google is the top search engine and ensuring your webpages are ranking on Google will drive that all-important traffic to your website. Use effective techniques so that you are boosting your websites ranking position, for example, Google synonyms or catchy meta descriptions covering some the topic of the page will help with click-throughs.

Build on your product Information


You need to consider the keywords that you want your products to be found for, as this is how you will be driving traffic to your pages. Having the right keywords that will help search engines identify your business will help to set you apart from your competitors. If you’re not sure how to map these out, read the following and then contact us for a chat.

Product Title

Your product title allows your audience to understand what your product is, what it does and how it fulfils a need. In your product titles, you want to be clear, this will help your audience get the information needed to make sure your product is right for them. This could be the brand, size, colour or material, amongst many other relevant things.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are there to provide the customer with more accurate information about your product. This is where you want to tell them all of the specifications, features or other relevant information about your products or services. This is one of the most important factors for improving your product pages. You need to consider the following when building the descriptions:
– What words should it be found for from search engines
– Why it’s worth purchasing
– Colour and size options
– What material it is made from

The text you create need to be descriptive with as much detail as you can possibly think of. You also need to ensure copy that uses powerful words that will sell your products. You may want to focus on the common questions that potential customers ask when purchasing your product. You want your customers to feel happy and secure about buying your product for the right reasons and purpose, so it fits their needs of what you are describing to them!

Use call to actions

A clear call to action like “BUY NOW” or “ADD TO CART”  can help potential customers to take the action and move them further down the sales funnel. You can use multiple calls to action to encourage a sale, this could be the tone you use or using words to create an urgency that drives the user to take action.

Visuals that stand out!

Great Product photography is essential for convincing consumers to buy products. According to research, 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Quality images are crucial, you’re not just selling a product you’re selling that life, customers want to feel that your product is enhancing their lifestyle.

Make your delivery, returns and refund information easy to find

Highlighting the key information on delivery, returns and refund on the product page is a big factor when purchasing products online, it can sometimes be the turning point of a sale. Summarising your information in a few sentences to make sure the process is simple can help your customers understand your policies.

Show if products are in stock!

Online sales can be very competitive in the current climate so showing stock availability as early as possible will help to retain your customers. The last thing you want is for them to be searching your website, find the perfect item and then purchase a format competitor because your item wasn’t in stock.

Set up an email for the customers to “email me when back in stock”.  Notifying your customers about the availability of the products and making it clear that the item is selling fast, or you have limited stock, urges them to buy the product soon as they may be missing out. This doesn’t just let the customer know the item is back in stock, but it reminds them later about that product that they may have forgotten about!

In some cases, you may still run out of items so showing alternative or similar products that the customer may be interested in can help to retain some of those customers.

Give your customers reassurance

You don’t want to lose customers because they don’t have trust in your business, do you? This means you want to give them a level of reassurance so that they are confident with purchasing from the company. This not only can have a positive impact on short term sales but, in the long term, it can create brand loyalty and an amazing customer relationship.
Here are a few ways show this:

  • Get great customer reviews (For help with this check out netreview)
  • Get video testimonials where possible (Check out video testimonials from our customers for example)
  • Keep your social media platforms up to date
  • Reply to customer messages and comments on social media

Creating pages that sell can be tricky, but we are here to help!

By now you should have a good idea of easy ways to improve your product pages. These advice can help you towards better conversion rates and more traffic. You should also let us help you to improve your e-commerce website further with a chat on how we can help you to grow your traffic.

Get in touch with our team on 01782 524600 or fill in our contact form https://netinspire.co.uk/contact/

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