Is ‘Black Friday’ helping boost the high street?

Black Friday comes from Thanksgiving Day in the US, it highlights the beginning of the Christmas and holiday shopping season.

In the UK ‘Black Friday’ was originally a term that the Police and NHS referred to when it was the last Friday before Christmas. However, since Asda introduced it to their stores in 2013, it has a whole different meaning. Since 2013, more and more UK shops have started adopting this US marketing strategy to push products and increase revenue before Christmas.

Now, Black Friday is here to stay it has been extended over a 7 day period, giving shops, even more, chance to offload their products and amazing deals, catching bargain hunters attention.

Buzz Kill

In 2016, we see a shift in consumers habits, instead of being crushed to get a bargain TV, savvy shoppers have chosen to bag their bargains online, and who can blame them. After all, you don’t want to end up injured for a product that has already lost value as soon as it leaves the shelf. Is anything worth buying that could cause an injury at these events.

This year some retailers have not taken part in Black Friday and instead concentrated on other ways to increase their consumer’s shopping experience without over the top promotions.


Some might be bored of the whole buzz surrounding ‘Black Friday’ and with constant email promotions, TV campaigns and online advertising, it is difficult to escape but is it a positive factor for our retailers who are struggling?

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