Breathe City Church put their faith in Netinspire

Website Design Project - Breathe City ChurchNetinspire has been appointed by Breathe City Church (BCC) to redesign their official website, which will better reflect the Church.

The new website will provide a more engaging platform to encourage visitors to learn about BCC, particularly through the new online calendar system that will promote the Church’s events.

To cater for mobile users who form a large part of BCC’s community, the new design will be responsive, which means the website layout adapts to various gadgets, be it desktop or mobile phone, providing an improved user experience.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Breathe City Church,” said Chris Peers, Managing Director of Netinspire. “It’s essential that the website not only allows the Church to connect with communities online in a more interactive manner, but also encourages people to share their experiences with others.”

“To make our website more accessible, it really needs a new design,” said Rhi Davies, Communications Coordinator of Breathe City Church. “We believe that Netinspire is just the digital agency to provide that.”

Netinspire aims to launch the website in mid-March of 2015.

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