Good website design will grow your ecommerce business. Here’s how!

Although the e commerce sector is securing significant growth year on year, not all e commerce businesses are seeing the growth they want to see in the timeframe they need to see it. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. A lack of growth can be disheartening, but as good website design is easily one of the most effective tools for growth you have at your disposal, making some strategic alterations to your most important digital asset can kick-start the progression you want to see within a timeframe that works for you and your business.

Good design encompasses everything from your logo and marketing brochure to the structure of your website and the level of user experience it delivers. The types of websites that are available are varied and diverse, which means standing out from the crowd doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, an effective, growth-driving website is well within your grasp.

Optimise for mobile

As many as three-quarters of internet users will judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. As the way we interact with the digital space has changed following the rise of smartphones and the decline of computers, optimising your site for mobile users is essential.

Your mobile site also needs to be responsive, which means that it will automatically adjust to the size and shape of the screen of the device your audience is browsing on. The best mobile sites are intuitive, easy to navigate and prioritise the delivery of a seamless user experience to every visitor.

Optimise page load speed

If your website takes longer than four seconds to load, a quarter of your audience will already have given up and taken their search elsewhere. Ensuring that your site is streamlined will keep your loading times to a minimum, and for many businesses, this process will involve carefully considering precisely what you want your website to do.

Websites with a plethora of large images, intricate graphics and video content will always take longer to load than a sleek site with relatively few data-intensive elements. This doesn’t mean that you need to take down your gallery or embrace a minimalist aesthetic if you don’t want to. Instead, take the time to understand which elements enhance your digital presence and learn how to integrate them smartly into your website to deliver the maximum impact.

Utilise landing page power

If you want to secure growth, understanding how to leverage the power of landing pages is a non-negotiable task you need to master. Every landing page on your site should be dedicated to the promotion of a single offer or product, which means that everything from its design to its content and specific call-to-action needs to be implemented with a laser-focus.

Boost sales by recovering abandoned carts

Every e-commerce business will find that the final barrier standing in the way of a successful conversion is the shopping cart. Carefully reviewing your checkout process can help you to reduce instances of cart abandonment that are impacting your potential for growth. If, for example, your process is confusing or requires potential customers to complete too many steps, use this knowledge to redesign your interface and smooth over even the smallest inconveniences that are driving your potential customers away at the final hurdle.

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