Top 3 Considerations For Page Quality: E-A-T

Did you know that “EAT” is an acronym for Google’s search quality guidelines?

In 2014 the new Google guidelines were leaked grabbing marketers attention immediately.  After the unofficial release, Google’s official launch saw many in the industry adapting their marketing strategies to fit in with the new page quality guide.

What does “E-A-T” mean?

In the world of SEO “eat” simply means Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.

If you’re looking at starting or improving website content then it will be important to consider the three factors that will help you keep within Google’s guidelines.

Expert – Basically any website’s content needs to show their users that the content is fruitful and informative to the reader. Gone were the days when websites produced generated content with keyword stuffing to rank on page one.  

Authority – Everyone likes a site with positive reviews and credentials. Good quality content drives users to websites resulting in conversions which in turns helps increase authority.

Trust – Enhances the importance for eCommerce websites, especially with online payment facilities. Any website that receives personal information should always endeavour to show the site is secure giving the user peace of mind.


It’s important to remember that E-A-T essentially calculates the website’s value but doesn’t determine page ranking, however, it does help with enhancing user experience. 

Essentially applying E-A-T within your site will help Google to value your site over competitors resulting in a better position for your online business.

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