Website designs everyone wants for 2019

As one of your most important digital assets, your website needs to represent your brand and deftly communicate your values, vision and ethos to your visitors.

With so many different types of websites to choose from though, how do you select the right aesthetic for your brand? To help you out, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular designs.

Keeping it real

Realism-focused designs often utilise large photographs to communicate a “what you see is what you get” image. If honesty and transparency are important to your brand, incorporating photographs of your products, your team and your office space will help to forge personal connections with your audience.

E-commerce businesses will find the authenticity of this approach particularly beneficial. Consumers are much more likely to purchase from brands they trust, so keeping your website design as real as possible can make a significant impact on key conversion metrics.
View the Sovereign Aerosols Website that we created.

Put your best font forwards

Incorporating photography into your website isn’t the only way to showcase your creativity and you shouldn’t force image integration if it doesn’t feel natural to your brand. So, why not pursue a font-focused design instead?

As many people simply aren’t going to read large blocks of text, experimenting with different fonts, styles and colours are key to creating a font-based website that is immersive and engaging enough to hold your audience’s attention for long enough to communicate your messaging.
View the inTouch Home Care Website created by netinspire

Push the boundaries with a multi-focused approach

The best part about website design is that there really aren’t any rules. So, if you want to include an interactive image gallery between some creative fonts and freehand flourishes, you can!

If you do decide to adopt this approach, it is important that your final design looks and feels cohesive, and not as though it has been worked on by lots of different people without a shared creative vision.
View the  Haunted House’s website we created!

Take things 2D with flat design

Despite first soaring in popularity in 2015, flat designs don’t feel unfashionable or clichéd. In fact, flat design consistently feels fresh and exciting because it is so adaptable and versatile.

2D graphics and imagery can be used sparingly for a sleek design, but you can also take a maximalist approach and craft creative collages that showcase your brand’s personality.
View the Catch 22 Website created by us.

Go minimal

Clean and streamlined, minimalist designs only include ultra-important and hyper-relevant features, information and creative flourishes. Good minimalist design requires careful planning and lots of ingenuity to ensure that the final product is engaging and doesn’t look unfinished.

Minimalist designs are most effective when each page allows one or two elements to shine. This could be an image or an important heading, but it must immediately capture your audience’s attention and invite them to keep engaging, to ensure that they don’t leave as soon as they have arrived.
View the WeSource website here.

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