#Eggshell-ent Easter Ideas for Social Media

With Easter around the corner, there is no doubt that brands will have cooked up all kinds of punny ideas to promote their products and services on social media.  We’ve done a little research, found some of our favourites, and applied them to real-life situations so you can see how they might work for your business!

If you are a brewer

Hoppy Easter from Netinspire

When it is a #HoppyEaster, beer lovers will indeed rejoice.

Photo credit: Kyoht on Deviantart

If you are a dentist

Easter marketing ideas for dentists

A sweet tweet to inform followers of how they can enjoy Easter and avoid dental damage.

If you own a restaurant

Easter ideas for social media marketing

Let’s face it, any day is a good #FryDay.

Original photo: Abbie Traylor-Smith

If you sell hair growth products

egg-celerate hair growth

Receding hare-line?  Try an Easter pun.

Original photo: stylist225.com

If you run a gym

social media marketing ideas for Easter

With puns like #hare-obics and #egg-sercise, it’s almost easy to get egg-cited and hop to your nearest gym.

Original photo: stepupdanceacademy.in

If you are the UK Space Agency (or a filmmaker)

social media marketing, Easter ideas

Have an #Egg-straterrestrial Easter.

Original photo: Amblin Entertainment

If you are in a scientific field

Netinspire social media marketing ideas

Protons have mass, too. #HappyEaster… Get it?

Photo credit: Dorling Kindersley

If you manufacture condoms

Netinspire social media marketing ideas

A bit rude, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Original photo: Benjamin Pawle

Have you had an oeuf? Or did you have a crack at some yourself? Let us know your favourite social media ideas for Easter marketing!

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