Google Implements Precautions Against Unsafe Apps

Google Play Protect Released

To safeguard Android phones Google has rolled out Play Protect which scans apps to stop malicious software before it’s too late.

The search engine giant has confirmed that their fight against rogue apps is ongoing but Play Protect should play a big part in neutralising the threat for the foreseeable future. Play Protect is being rolled out to every Android device that is currently running Google Mobile Services 11 or most recent versions. To check that you can access this all you need to do is check the Google section settings and navigate to security.

To check that you have access go to the Google section settings on your device and navigate to security. If you do have Play Protect you will see that your apps have been checked for malware, it may be advisable to check Google security every now and again to see any interesting updates.

All Android users will expect to see the Play Protect security app in the near future but we have no definite dates from Google of its release so it may be a while before we get the preview. Even with the wait for the security app Play Protect is a massive advancement for all Android users.

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