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Social media is a fantastic way for you to connect with potential customers and build your brand. Having an active Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn business page and sharing your content on the right social media channels helps you to target users that might have been unreachable in the past. Continue reading for the Top Tips to Improve Social Media Presence in 2021.

Here at Netinspire, our free marketing advice is here to help your business grow, reach new customers and drive more traffic to your website. With us, all marketing starts with the customer’s needs.

Know your clients – Understand your market segments!

Start with the who. 2021 will be the year of digital marketing with and meeting your clients online. This year, proper market segmentation will be essential for you to create more sales!

The best part of market research is that there are many ways of doing this. You can either collect this through your own questionnaires, you can read industry reports, or you can even contract an agency to build you a custom market research report. (We can help you with this)

By studying your target market with the use of four types of segmentation (Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioural and Geographic), you’ll be able to answer questions on your customers and start solving their problems. The information you need to collect will be the location, age as well as the interests and behaviours of your target consumers. This information will be used as the base of your customer profiles, the people in your target market. (Ask for a copy of our Customer Persona Template) 

After completing the market research, you should have a great idea of the facts about your ideal customers. This information should include where your audience is located. You might also know how old they are, what interests and behaviours they are likely to have and which platforms they use. This will allow you to build effective customer personas.

Customer profiles determine the best channels and messages to meet your clients

Customer profiles (also known as Consumer Personas and Profiles) are a representation of your ideal customers. In the simplest form, a customer profile can be described as a document that lists the key information (interests, demographics and behaviours) of your target customers.

With the research you conducted, you can build a customer persona that tells you which platforms your business needs to be present on. Deciding on a platform with high activity from your target market is key: this could be any channel but most likely you need to be present on either Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. Monitor your platforms for the days and times when your audience seems most active will help grow your following.

Build on your customer relationships and  brand community

When you have found the right channel and messages you want to send, Social media is a great way to create new opportunities for potential customers to engage with your business. Long gone are the days when you posted a blog on your website and hoped that people found it useful. Far away seem the times when you posted a photo on your group and waited for likes to appear. 

Customers expect targeted communications and posts that they can relate to.

With the power of social, you can share your content with the users of your products and services and encourage co-creation! The options are almost limitless with the possibilities of building brand pages and groups on Facebook to creating reels and vlogs on Instagram and YouTube to solve your client’s problems. This is where we need to underline the importance of understanding your target market.

Having a great relationship with existing customers is extremely beneficial. Create an environment for your customers to interact with and not only will you gain more exposure, but you will also gain new customers.  This shows the value of your brand to your followers and builds brand trust.

Finally, our Top 3 Tips for Standing out on Social in 2021

Visuals stand out!

Using the correct imagery to your relevant audience can help gain attention to increasing engagement to your page. Keeping your videos and images as clear and high quality is very important as well as adding less text as visuals drive more traffic, therefore using visuals so that your post is forgotten about. Also, don’t forget to be creative with your ideas, imagery is what will reflect your brand to attract new potential customers and keep on retaining followers you already have!

Be active

Uploading content on your business social media pages regularly is essential to keeping up appearances, if you haven’t put a post on since October 2019 people might question if you are still active as a business. Uploading often also reminds your audience you are still there so that they don’t forget about you! At Netinspire we offer a service to expand your business opportunities to increase followers via targeted ad campaigns, social media posts to build your brand following and recognition on social media.

Build on your customer service

Social media allows for customer feedback, allowing you to listen to your customers and respond to your customers right away, in a positive manner. Getting to know your customers through comments, private messages or feedback surveys is a great way to build friendly customer service that you and your customers are happy with!

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