How Plasgran Benefits from a Branded Mobile App

Most businesses can benefit from having their own branded mobile application, and contrary to popular belief, they can be affordable, costing as low as £995.

Our client, Plasgran, is a plastic recycling specialist offering its services to companies within the UK. For them, a branded mobile app provides direct and controlled access to customers through their mobile devices. It functions as a managed sales and communications channel, where general information typically found in a company brochure, such as technical data sheets, is available.

netinspire plasgran mobile app

By having their own mobile app, Plasgran is able to promote current offers, whether for recycled products or other deals, as well as communicate general news information.

The key to success is providing an incentive for Plasgran’s customers to download the mobile app. In this case, app users are the first ones to receive news of special deals from Plasgran.

For other businesses, the incentives may be different. Whether it is to have a product catalogue readily available on their mobile gadgets, or to be able to contact the company easily, customers must be given an incentive to download the app.

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