How to easily make success from other bloggers

In this blog I will explain easy steps to pull of the heist (or heists) of the year… or at least something like that anyway. Firstly I’m coming after you, the occasional blogger, the infrequent poster… its all in the mindset, only you can make the choice between binge-watching Game Of Thrones all through the weekend or creating a blogging empire bigger than the Great Wall in the north itself (If you don’t understand this you’re already one step ahead).

Envious of everyone currently outperforming you? Its time for the tables to turn, you’re here because you want people to be jealous of you pure blog writing skills, but you might need to up your game, and quickly.

Google rankings are becoming more and more competitive by the day. So to be a top result you have to work effectively and you need to select your keywords and stick to them.

Or maybe there’s another way to the top, after all, anything can happen on the internet, because where else can you find out what happens when you mix coke with mentos or watch hours of cat videos whilst your brain slowly melts.

Okay, maybe I might have gone off on a little bit of a tangent there….. Sorry!

Backlink Theft

Backlinks from high quality, reputable sources are great as it means Google is going to worship you, and your content. After all big websites seem to be loving your stuff, they’ll be pulling your work straight to the top of Google search results. The quality of your work all depends on you!

So now I’ll tell you the most important lesson of your career,                                                                              Good content + Exposure = Links, Links = The most effective SEO (that’s as long as your sites optimised properly of course)

Now maybe you have yet to think about this yet or maybe you’ve just noticed you’ve been quietly been asking yourself this question over and over whilst reading this blog “ It’s all well and good telling me the benefits of quality backlinks, but how do I get them for myself ?”

Prepare your self because I’m about to tell you the most effective way you can do this yourself.

You can use tools like Moz or Ahrefs, these sites allow you to easily find a full and frequently updated list of backlinks from any website.

A great TIP would be to use free trials from these sites and save as much data as you can as .csv files. This means you will have access to data even when the trials run out.

Here are some useful links to learn the basics of the MOZ website:

Thanks for taking the time to read, more tips and cheats will be given out in this weekly blog series so make sure to take time out of your busy day of watching hilarious cat videos and pretending to work to tune in and get some valuable tips.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, and all social shares are welcome.

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