How using videos can enhance your online business

Video advertising is here and is a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s story.

With an estimated $7.77 billion being spent on video advertising in 2015, could this be the way forward for everyone’s online business? For example, by including a video on a landing page can result in an 80% increased conversion rate.

With an estimated 92% of mobile video users sharing videos with friends and on social media platforms, could your business be missing out on new opportunities?

Website content that has been optimised for SEO receives more clicks than content that isn’t, but did you know that video content is no different.  

YouTube is King

youtube is king

YouTube, is considered to be the second biggest search engine, it processes over 3 billion searches every day. This offers huge marketing opportunities for any business if done right.

Just like content, optimising the metadata for a video is just as important for optimisation.

By optimising the video metadata correctly will deem if your video is relevant. Looking at the right keywords and including them is imperative as this will make finding your video easy for people to find.

The description needs to be right as the first few sentences of the video channel is what the visitors will see before accessing your videos. By making sure the right keywords are in the content will make it easier for visitors to find your videos. Call to actions are also good to include within the description as this will direct viewers to your website.

There are also other elements to consider when optimising your YouTube videos such as a number of views, shares, likes and dislikes.

Another way to optimise your videos is to group similar playlists. By grouping videos based on topic prevents visitors from becoming frustrated.

Local SEO is also a factor to consider when optimising your videos. For example, by geotagging videos according to the geographical location of your business will make video sharing easy for your users.

Social media is a bigger when it comes down to video sharing. It is an effective way to ensure that your videos are noticed and shared. The number of likes will also help your videos rank higher on search engines.

With all the benefits of video marketing, why don’t you try it?

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