Instagram Takes Action Against Offensive Comments

Spammy and rude comments have always been part of social media but Instagram is now fighting back.

Dealing with negative and offensive comments can be draining for many but for the majority of companies it can take up precise time. Instagram is now taking the right steps to prevent these malicious remarks as they are committed to enhancing their users’ experience.

By introducing a default filter to capture the offending comments will limit the negative impact and increase positive engagement. However, if a comment did get through users are still able to report it to Instagram and they do have the option to turn off the filter within the settings.

instagram applies filters for negative comments

We all have experienced spammy comments and you’ll all agree on how annoying they are but alas Instagram has it covered. There is now a spam filter that is able to discard spam in various different languages which will impact the spammy user accounts.

Instagram has introduced these two filters to avoid users turning their accounts to private or even deleting the profile. By the use of machine learning, we are without a doubt going to experience a more positive vibe while on our social media accounts.

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