Ten Google business hacks to Improve Your Search Ranking

Money won’t buy you a good Google ranking, but having a strategy can improve your position on the search engine results page without spending as much as you thought.

Improve the user experience on your website:

Shown from studies on ranking factors by SEMrush, the top four ranking factors are,  website visits, time spent on your website, pages per session, and bounce rate. These are directly related to the experience your website is providing for your users. To tackle this you need to ensure that your website is easy and enjoyable to use and offers valuable information. This way you’ll get more visitors, who will stay longer on your site and visit more pages, which in turn will improve your search ranking.

Create great content for SEO:

Having high-quality content on your website is a great way to increase traffic. New interesting content can also improve your search rank position and poll system of marketing professionals. 57% of marketing professionals said that on-page content development was the most effective SEO tactic. This highlights the need to manage your content, including mistake-free, keyword-rich, mobile-optimized, address to the specific needs of your target audience and valuable links to additional internal and external content.

 Why backlinks are good for your business?

Backlinks- links from other websites to yours. Incoming links to your website content from other domains show that your website has authority. Bring in traffic and improve your search ranking as a business.

Improving your page speed matters:

Google has been using mobile page speed as a ranking factor for some time now and while it said the “speed update” will only affect a small percentage of websites. You always want your website to be as fast as possible. As a result, this will help improve your search rank results and provide a good user experience to existing and potential new customers.

How can I fix broken links?:

One of the best ways to improve traffic is having quality links on your website, this can help establish the authority of your website. Links that bring up a 404 error will have a detrimental effect on user experience meaning that you could have just lost a customer.  A tip for broken links is using tools called BrokenLinkCheck or Dead Link Checker to find any broken links that you may have.

Optimise your images:

Optimising your images is vital to improving the speed of your site and making it easier for Google to identify the images on your web pages. This means making sure all your website images are compressed, have descriptive filenames, and include alt text.

The Use of H1 and H2 header tags:

Headers can make your content more readable and easier to understand for humans and search engines. There is a strong correlation between Google search rank and the use of header tags in the body of your content, therefore, having header tags are a perfect way to show the structure of your content and emphasize your key points.

Make sure you fill in all meta descriptions:

Ensure that all meta descriptions across your website are filled in! Meta descriptions act as advertising text that gets pulled through to the search engine results page. Meta descriptions now should be optimised to a maximum of 275 characters or less to improve you Google searchability.

Enhance local search:

The local search feature has become increasingly more popular, especially when using smartphones searching for “ businesses near me .” It is very important to improve your chances of your business appearing in the local searches, consequently making sure you claim your Google My Business listing. Providing up to date information about your business and relevant content in Google Posts, get your business listed in local directories and improve your online reputation with great online reviews.

Meta Descriptions are Important

Ensure all meta descriptions on your website are filled in! Meta descriptions act as your advertising text for search engine results pages, so having these filled in is vital to help your website appear in higher on the search results pages. Your meta descriptions should be up to 275 characters or less to be at an optimal length.

Aiming for “position zero”

When Google ranks searches it can often pull content from a relevant website and display it in a special featured snippet or answer box above the #1 search result. Having content into a featured snippet is a great way to increase traffic – including snippets of links to the page where the content came from. Improving your position zero can help boost the credibility and visibility of your brand, therefore, increasing your chances for your content to be selected as a featured snippet.

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