What type of emails should you be sending to your customers?

Email marketing is a great way to keep clients in the loop with your business however, sending the right emails and content to your email marketing list is very important. Read on for some advice on the types of emails you can send to your customers.

1. Newsletter emails

Newsletters are a perfect way to inform your customers about your company or industry, they provide new and up to date information that your clients might find useful. Newsletter emails can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase your brand and products visibility. You may decide to do a newsletter featuring the most recent blog, not only are you creating communication towards your customers but you expanding more backlinks to your website which is good for your improving your SEO.

Sending weekly or monthly updates via email is a great way to stay in touch, prompt website visitors and help build on your customer’s relationships. This all helps towards your final goals, creating loyal clients for the future and increase your sales.

2. Offer emails

Emailing offers is a great way to promote something special that your business has to share. Not only does it give the chance for customers to take a glance at something new but gives them another chance if they have missed it previously or have forgotten about it to give them the boost to look again.

You may want to share new discount codes, competitions, coupons, subscriptions that will engage your customers with your brand.  Some ways you may drive your clients to these offers is a link to your website to use to code, asking them to check out social media account to enter the competition or giving a call to action link of a form for subscription.

3. New product or service announcement emails

Attracting new and existing customers through new product or service announcements is important information that customers will want to know. The purpose of a new product or service is to fulfil a need or fill a gap in the market let everyone know what you can do!

Along with the new products you should share similar products or services that have a good return on investment and a proven track record with your business to increase the chance of a sale.

Top tips for announcement emails:

  • Visual content, great images will help your product to sell itself
  • Videos to showcase your products or services
  • Customer Reviews (How to get more reviews?)
  • Data/statistics to back up your claims

4. Confirmation emails

When a customer takes action and makes a purchase or gets in touch it is always a good idea to send a confirmation email to show the order has gone through or that the enquiry is being handled.

There are many ways you can send a confirmation email from your business to your customers. This may be from a purchase on a product or service, a new subscription, confirmation of competition entry or even a confirmation on shipping or delivery.

Sending confirmation emails can be automatically generated from an e-commerce store living you more time to focus on what is important. If you are new to email marketing and e-commerce then you may not be sure how to set this up? Our team at Netinspire are here to offer help and support your business through a simple phone call or quick and easy to fill in contact form!

5. Abandoned cart

Have you ever left your shopping cart while online shopping? Maybe you forgot about the item or were comparing specifications or pricing? Capture these abandoned carts by sending a single email to your customers to prompt them to complete their purchase. According to MooSend10.7% of people who received an email about their abandoned cart completed their purchase!

Not only do abandoned cart emails work well to drive customers to make the sale but sometimes providing them with a discount code or percentage off their order could highly boost the chances even more.

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