Digital Marketing – 2016 recap

2016 was certainly a year to remember! So, we take a look at the most interesting digital marketing news. Google was certainly busy with various algorithm changes and with new innovative marketing strategies, could 2017 be even better for the digital world?

The Possum impact

In September the Possum algorithm arrived and saw an impact on local SEO results in the search results. The main purpose of the local change was to reduce spam results from ranking high. The benefit for many businesses was improved local ranking on the search engines result pages.

SERP revamp

In February the big G changed the layout of the result pages. The revamp resulted in the text ads removal, and instead, four ads were placed above the organic results. With the update, the PPC marketers saw this as a major benefit for their campaigns.


Many websites have not changed to HTTPS but as search engines want to make the web more secure this could be an imperative change for business websites. Not only will this change downgrade cyber attacks it limits your online vulnerability.

Instagram new features

The popular photo app introduces live video and vanishing messages similar to another favourite social media platform snapchat.

Mobile is king

Mobile-first indexing was being tested in 2016 by Google. It indicates that all SEO and marketers should be prepared for a change when it comes down to optimising a mobile site ready for the search engines.

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