Does your business need its own app?

We all know that apps are all the rage, right? You can get apps for so many services now to make your life quicker and easier.


So what’s in it for you and how come you will give it out for free? Actually there’s a number of benefits to have such a convenience of access, which means the user is more likely to use your service, and send push notifications that allow you to notify all users of the app about sales, product launches and just about anything else you want to promote.


A quick look at my own mobile shows that I use Natwest, Facebook, Groupon, Trainline and many others on a regular basis.

Why do I use these apps? Obviously because they give me easier access to the services I want than visiting via an internet browser, but also because of the improved functionality they bring. For instance using the GPS in your phone these apps can give you location based service and new technology allows fingerprint access to protected data like bank details. So, in essence it’s all about convenience and quality of service to the end user.


The thing that these apps all have in common is that they are all B2C businesses providing services direct to the consumer. The largely untapped market is in the use of apps for Business 2 Business services. The benefits are less obvious but actually just as relevant. It’s still down to providing an incentive for your business client to download the app and you utilising the communication channel to your benefit.


As well as personal apps I use apps that are beneficial to my business activities such as Hubspot CRM. This is Netinspire’s customer relationship management system and the incentive here is that it gives me instant access to live information on our marketing activities. Being cloud based multiple users can upload information to a common live system and I get useful notifications of items such as tasks due and deals closed.


A different application of an app (pun intended) is that we have a recycling client that only issues special offers on its products through the app. No app no offers! But it then uses the app to distribute blogs, items of interest, promotions and lots of other useful information.


When deciding whether an app is relevant to your business there are two main factors to consider.


  1. What is the incentive for the end user to use a piece of the valuable real estate on their mobile phone for your app? And then actually use it. These are some potential user benefits to encourage download of your app


  • Useful information that is only distributed through the app eg user guides, tech support documents
  • First or exclusive access to special offers and promotions for app users
  • Easy access to online data, reports etc


  1. Once you have convinced your client to get your app, whether they be end users or business to business clients, how are you going to utilise it? You have an ongoing live communication channel open and a loyal customer just waiting to do business with you so make good use of it!


Oh and remember the small factor of credibility. How impressed are your potential clients going to be when they realise what a modern tech-savvy business you are!


If you feel your business would benefit you know where I am …

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