Top tips for building successful email campaigns

Email campaigns are a fantastic way to engage with your customers and grow your business. To carry out a successful email campaign following current trends and carrying out the correct procedures is vital. Take a look at our top tips to help make your email campaigns a success.

1.Think about your goals

When creating email campaigns you need to think about your objective for example, what response do you want and who are you targeting? Set goals so you know what needs to be accomplished, then figure out how you are going to achieve this. The reason being is that it could result in lots of time wasted for you and your email list if your emails don’t have a clear direction. Setting clear calls to action and clear subject lines can help you decide the topic and objectives for each email and result in the best success for yourself and your customers.

2. Make it personal

When creating email campaigns generating personalised content can have a massive effect on engagement therefore, understanding who your audience is will allow you to select the right strategy. This means being clever and taking a conversational tone by the phases you use. You may also want to use humour in your emails as it adds a more human element and can take away the sale pitch vibe.

Don’t forget that different emails will appeal better to slightly different customers depending on where in the funnel they are. A great strategy to combat this is by segmenting your email lists, aiming your content at the right people at the right time is just as important.

3. Your name and the subject line needs to stand out

The content you are creating may be excellent but, attracting your audience through a juicy subject line could be the turning point whether they open the email or not. You need to create compelling emails for your customers so that they invest time in reading your content. One way you may do this is through your choice of words, using buzz words or key phrases can add value to persuade/convince that your email is interesting and worthy of a read, but beware of using phrases that are too generic as this may send your email straight to the trash section.

4. Be relevant

Targeting your emails with relevant and current content to help you gain more advantage to attract customers to your email campaigns. You want to make the content you are producing valuable so that customers purchase from you rather than your competitors. If you are unsure of what type of emails you should provide to your audience, the team at Netinspire have written an article about the type of emails should you be sending to your customers -> What type of emails should you be sending to your customers.

5. Look at your results

Testing your emails is a great way to establish if your email will be successful or not. It allows you to consolidate and analyse what is and isn’t working allowing you to change and adapt. Sending a test of your email campaign to yourself before sending it to your customers ensures text is spelt correctly, images are displaying, links direct to the correct pages. Trialling is a great plan when making effective email campaigns as you don’t want all your time and effort going to waste so, taking the right practices will definitely boost your chances for successful email campaigns.

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