Top tips for earning more customer reviews

Online reviews are now the pivotal point for customers looking at making a purchase. Over the last couple of years, reviews have become a great priority in consumer shopping habits, making it vital that you take reviews and testimonials seriously. Take a look at some of our top tips to earn more customers reviews that will positively impact your business!

1. Make your reviews prominent

Make your reviews prominent and easily accessible, this may mean considering the best location on your website. You can display your reviews on your product pages, add the top 2 or 3 to your home page and have a dedicated page for them. This will give your website visitors multiple chances to see your reviews and help them to convert them into a sale. Don’t forget about your Google Business Listing, this is one of the top places that customers will leave reviews, you can use plugins to pull these through onto your website and they will automatically update when new reviews appear. 

2. Go social

Attracting new and existing customers through your social platforms will increase the chances to earn more customer reviews.  Use platforms that your customers are interacting with, this could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter this will increase your brand’s overall impact and visibility. Facebook business pages also offer a recommendations section, so actively encouraging your customers to leave a recommendation is a great way to earn more reviews. This feature is not currently offered on Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter, but you can ask customers to write a nice review on their profile and tag your business.

3. Reach out to your positive reviews

Acknowledging your audiences positive reviews shows a lot of good factors about your business. When responding to your customers is always good to personalise the response as it shows that you value their feedback, leaving the customer feeling appreciated. Positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and you can share these social media for others to see as well. Having more positive reviews allows you to stand out from competitors for all the right reasons!

Adding a little surprise factor to their positive experience will indicate you have seen the review and want to boost the experience even more! You could do this by offering a discount code or voucher to express your business being thankful for the review they gave!

4. Reach out to negative reviews

Always respond to your negative feedback. Replying to your negative reviews won’t just only help your work with the customer to take the steps to ensure the problem won’t happen again and how you can make the experience better but, it demonstrates to your readers that you are not neglectful of any feedback. Having negative comments and feedback isn’t the end of the world, it allows you as a business to learn from your mistakes and improve for the future. If you have quite a few negative reviews the best way to combat this is to ask your happy customers for feedback.

5. Just ask

Following up with customer and asking them to leave reviews is the easy part, actually getting them to leave the feedback can be tricky, take the right steps to ensure you earn more customer testimonies.

Here are some examples of ways you could ask your customers:

  • Email review requests are a great idea. You don’t have to make it a big thing as it is something so simple but something as adding a link to your chosen review website could easily help boost your chances. Don’t forget personalisation works brilliantly too. Our reputation management system, Netreview, is perfect for this, you can import all of your customer information in one go, and the system will automatically send out the review requests and send follow-ups if it isn’t completed the first time.
  • Reaching out to customers on social media either direct message or post.
  • Asking customers to leave a review via thank-you pages.
  • You can also ask for reviews through traditional mediums like business cards or a message on the order note places with their product. This is a great way to also ask customers to tag you on social media when they get their orders.

You want to be able to give the best experience to your customers because if you try and give them the most positive experience it will encourage your customers to write some feedback not only sharing on your page but on their personal page too, spreading the awareness of your brand by happy customer!

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