Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is an amazing way to connect with clients and grow your business. Take a look at our thoughts on why email marketing is important.  We’ll also go through some of our top tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns with email automation, audience management and personalised email marketing.

Why email marketing is still relevant in 2021?

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way of marketing, but what is it’s role in marketing and how effective is email marketing? You’ve certainly spent some time marketing on social media, but are you still taking advantage of email marketing?

In this ultimate blog post, we’ll tell you why email marketing is important for your business. In addition to the role of email marketing in your marketing mix, we go through the different types of email, email marketing automation, and the content of a good newsletter. Let’s start by emphasising the importance of email marketing as well as its role in marketing.

Keep your audience in the loop

Email marketing can be a very personal and effective way to connect with your target audience. Therefore, it also works best when it is personal and meets the target personas needs (understanding who your audience is will allow you to select the right strategy).

Email marketing is a viable and effective way to connect with people and your potential customers. You want to be able to target the right people for the right results.  This means your email marketing list should consist of lists of current, existing and potential customers that may have an interest in your business.

Always build on your business list

When planning on scaling up your email marketing, you need to build up your mailing list. This may seem like a daunting task and will include a popup or two on your website, lead generation ads on social media and asking for email addresses of your leads and customers to sign up for a VIP loyalty program, special discounts or refer a friend scheme. Having your current listings is great but growing it wider can only you achieve bigger!

Make your emails accessible for everyone

In today’s world, everyone is on their mobile phones no matter what you’re doing checking your phone is now a big priority. This may mean you need to start to identify what time of the day your subscribers are most likely to be on their phones rather than on their desktop computers. By doing this it will help you to achieve more views or clicks depending on what you are sending. You want your leads to be on their phones when you make that activity so that they won’t bypass you!

Seeking your audience out can allow you to segment your listings, and tailor email messages to them at the right time. By making it personal gives value, thought and builds the relationship to further action to your business. By making the emails optimised for all viewpoints, you’ll get the best results!

How to take advantage of email marketing

Show you care for your customers. Informing them weekly or monthly updates or even a friendly email reminder about a new service or product is a great way to stay in touch and prompt website visitors.

Email marketing also allows you to remind them more about your business & what they may have forgotten about. Emails can be tailored to the customer’s actions to make the communication as relevant as possible to them. The more relevant topics the emails contain, the more likely they are to open and read them.

Brand awareness

In leveraging email marketing, it is also important to understand the different stages of a customer journey. In simple terms these steps are: becoming aware, subscribing to the newsletter, engaging, converting, getting excited, getting up, advocating and active promoting. Attracting new customers through email marketing gives you the ability to increase new interest in your business. There are many different ways you can share your brand emailing, here are some of our examples:

  • New product or service
  • Offer or sale!
  • A new blog that may interest them
  • Newsletters
  • Information in the local area or community
  • latest on your business e.g., welcoming a new team member

Not all of these methods could create sales straight away however, they will allow a level of engagement as they will now know more about your brand, the products and services and maybe the team behind the business. You never know when they may need you in the future or even a referral someone who does need you!


Email marketing is a fantastic way to connect with potential and existing clients at an affordable cost. Every business has budgets but, email marketing keeps your costs low while driving and spiking traffic to your website compared to other marketing strategies.


Tracking your email marketing can allow you to easily see different types of activity. You are able to understand your audience’s behaviours and identify what is working for you.

With email marketing it allows you to see directly what is happening. You can track who has opened your email and click through rates. You can also discover if you have good or bad bounce rates however, within analytics you can see your unsubscribe rates which many will take as a big negative but, it gives you the opportunity to figure out your next move to make it more successful and develop a higher engagement to yourselves.


I guess needless to say, your promotional emails to multiple subscriber lists discussed, should not be sent manually. If you want your business to grow, these emails need to be automated. With automation, you get more effective email marketing: it helps marketers create effective messages to meet the needs of newsletter subscribers.

It is important to understand the real needs of the customer and send them interesting, relevant and engaging content, so the communication strategy should be thought through carefully. For example, a “Welcome to subscribe to a newsletter” message can start engaging a customer or lead with a company. At a later stage, offers can be sent specifically according to the interests of the newsletter subscribers. You can reach your sales potential by sending the right offer to the right person at the right time with email marketing automation.

We are here to help you with your email marketing!

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