Why paying less for marketing is not always the best decision!

There are many reasons why people choose cheaper marketing services above more expensive options. We have all fallen for this, and in some cases, it’s the best choice in our current situations.

However, when it comes to digital marketing, the cheaper option may lead your business down the wrong path.

According to a recent survey by digital marketing magazine “Marketing is officially the UK’s hardest-working industry”.

You’ll find that there are plenty of agencies out there promising the moon on a stick. They will  make you feel good, highly confident, and their pitch will be full of promises. But, are these just words & how much of what they have promised will come true?

Firstly, being a bit more savvy on the marketing front will give you an advantage when approaching agencies.

If you conduct some research on what results you want to see from your website, you’ll be able to confirm which areas will need improving. For example, you may want to look into basic SEO & see if your site needs improving in this area. By having a better understanding of how SEO will help, you’ll be able to see if the agency has the right strategy in place.

Knowledge is key

By having some knowledge you will know if the agency generally cares about your business. There are many companies that can offer low-cost digital packages, but it’s important to have quality over quantity.

These low offers may sound really good to you, however, they could have a detrimental effect on your website. They may say “we can give you 14 backlinks a month” but where are these backlinks coming from? And, are they spammy sites that can decrease your site’s quality level. Google and other search engines, dislike seeing backlinks of low quality & no relevance to  websites.

Why are we different…. We deliver results!

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best services resulting in increased traffic, brand awareness and page ranking. The way we do this… is through hard work, in-depth research & working closely with you to deliver your measurement of success. Email us today for more info!

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